About Us

HEARby is passionate about audio production.

We specialize in sound design, VO recording, mixing, and custom music creation. We have produced award-winning audio work for a gamut of creative and advertising projects ranging from commercials and video games to podcasts and feature films.

John & Nannette Buroker

John Buroker // President / Creative Director / Engineer

John has over 25 years experience as an engineer, sound designer, and musician. John’s forte is sound design but he enjoys the full range of challenges audio production throws his way. From the art of creating the perfect piece of custom music, to the technical know-how of the perfect mix, John is nothing short of passionate and driven when it comes to his craft. When he’s not in the studio, he enjoys snowboarding, skateboarding, bicycling, cooking and being a dad.

Nannette Buroker // Executive Producer

Nannette brings over 17 years of producing experience to HEARby. With an extensive background in TV production, Nannette has a deep understanding of the entire production process. She has been on both the agency and production sides of the business and brings a love of connecting people and processes. Nannette also enjoys running, playing violin, and taking care of her and John’s two sons Thomas & Luke.

Our Clients: